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Community Hope School is a non-profit organization that is run and funded entirely by donations. John and Suzanne Hunter, the founders of the school, spend two months out of the year traveling to raise funds for the school. John, a master potter, also makes pottery used for fundraising. The school currently has 107 students and 24 staff.  Each day the students receive two meals and a healthy snack. Furthermore, the students are provided with school uniforms, shoes and school supplies. It costs US250.00 per month, per student. All of these expenses come up to over US$25,000 per month.

By donating to Community Hope School, you will be partnering with a team that is making a real difference, not only in the lives of the children, but also in the community of Katutura.


Play a role in helping us shape the lives of future generations in Namibia by being a one time sponsor of Community Hope School. Through your donation of any amount we are able to provide quality education to the hurting and the lost throughout the Katutura area of Namibia.

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Be a part of changing the lives of children in Namibia by being a Monthly Sponsor. Your monthly sponsorship helps bring a child of Katutura into our life giving school so that they have the opportunity to change their circumstances and be a leader in tomorrow’s world. If you know the name of the child you would like to sponsor please enter it into the box provided. If not enter “any” and the Community Hope Team will give you a child with the greatest need.

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In the US checks can be sent to:

Community Hope School
P.O. Box 2108
Lindale, TX 75771

Or send us money in Namibia:

Ned Bank - Namibia
Community Hope School
Ned Bank South
Branch code: 461629
Acct. Nr. 11000211216