Teacher Training


The School of Reformation and Transformation (SRT) introduces a radical Christian worldview in education and government. The intent of the SRT is to expose Christ as the underlying foundation of rightly understanding how to teach and learn any subject in a school curricula. An emphasis on reasoning rather than rote leaning is emphasized throughout the course. Students are encouraged to develop their own individual style of teaching as they learn to implement an analytically Biblical approach to learning.

Daily/Weekly classes include:

  1. A Christian Philosophy and Methodology of Education
  2. An overview of the Hand of God in History from Adam to the present
  3. English Grammar and sentence analysis
  4. The Writing Road to Reading (includes spelling, reading and how to print)
  5. Christian principles of government and economics
  6. Practical steps to teaching Bible, History, Math, Science, and Literature( we study Amos Fortune, Free Man)
  7. Maps, timelines, essays and tests for each subject are used to give students a mastery of their subject.
  8. Key events, individuals, institutions and documents are used as research aids to teach reasoning instead of rote learning.
  9. Student presentations of their research and reasoning
  10. Application of lessons for different grade levels will be demonstrated by master teachers from Grades K-12+.
  11. Lesson plan and curriculum development
  12. International Guest speakers: Bill Burtness, Jim and Barbara Kilkenny, Suzanne Levy, Cindy Sheasby, Sophia Elago, Archie and Rome' Beukes will present their own application of Christian Education and Government.
  13. Weekly ministry at Community Hope School 


Overall it is a thorough introduction to Christian education and government designed to give people a radically Biblical approach for use in the Christian Home, Church and School. It is designed to be both intensely practical and soundly theoretical. It is NOT an overly religious approach but rather is based on a simple uncomplicated look at the plain connection between God and teaching/learning.

There is much more to be learned than we can cover in 12 weeks so now that we have our own elementary school we will have internships available and perhaps even a second 12 week course that will go more in depth into specific subjects.

Graduates of the SRT will find themselves more equipped for a lifetime of ministry in the home, school, church, civil govt. and business venues. The SRT is a registered course with YWAM's University of the Nations in the College of Education EDU 240-241-243.

Before, people always did my thinking for me. Now God has taught me how to think for myself! 
— Vincent Luwhizi of Zimbabwe, graduate, Teachers for the Nations 1996