What We Do

Africa is in crisis. Millions of lives are claimed every year by HIV/AIDS, leaving countless children throughout the continent homeless and destitute.

Here, in Namibia, 20-25% of the population are said to already be infected and about 70,000 children have been orphaned and displaced by this terrible disease. Many of these children are living in the township of Katutura in Windhoek, Namibia's capital city.

In 2005, Community Hope School (CHS) began with ten students where the need was seen the most- in Katutura. Today, CHS is a fully functioning primary school, ministering to over one hundred students in grades one through six. Each day these children receive breakfast, snacks, hot lunch, a quality Christian education and, most importantly, hope. School staff visit homes and give medical assistance, food and counseling to those who look after the children.